Are you an educator looking for an easy paperless workflow?

Use Dropbox or Google Drive to collect, annotate, and grade your students' documents with a simple paperless workflow

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Document Collection

Tired of collecting your students’ documents with email attachments or via a learning management system? SubmitBox harnesses the power of cloud storage apps like Dropbox and Google Drive to make collecting documents super easy. Your students don't need an account with your cloud storage app to use SubmitBox.

SubmitBox rocks! This is a great tool for teachers. It literally saves me hours of time every week. When I have grades and written comments on my assignments, students can download the graded paper and see the comments and corrections I've made with no extra steps on my part. In one word: Awesome!

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Irwin Shubert, English Teacher
Bridges Academy

Efficient Paperless Workflow

With SubmitBox, you can put notes, corrections, annotations, and grades directly in your students’ documents. Your students will be able to see these additions almost instantaneously. No need to reupload any files. You’ll never need hard copies of your students’ documents again.

Documemt Organization

Document Organization

No more searching through long lists of files to find a specific student’s document. SubmitBox automatically creates a folder structure that keeps all your students’ submissions organized logically.

More Features

  • Class and assignment descriptions
  • Student and teacher comments for each assignment
  • Email notifications when students turn in work and/or comment on an assignment
  • Assignment grading
  • Lots more...